You work very hard to conduct experiments, analyze findings, write your manuscript, and publish your article. Don’t you want a wider audience to read your research article?
Communicating your work so that it is discovered, read, and cited from among increasing published content has become more important than ever.
It is time to increase the discoverability of your science using our range of services including stunning infographics, powerful videos, and brief summaries.


  • Improve the public outreach of your research exponentially
  • Increase your chances of getting citations by 40%
  • Impress your peers, funders, and the media with stunning content

Explore our Research Promotion Services

Plain Language Summary (5 Business Days) $200
Busy colleague? Wider community? Get your work noticed by all.
  • Explain your work is a simple short summary written in plain language that captures the essence of your research.
  • 1-min read of the why and what.
  • Synopsis relevant to a broad audience.
  • Can be uploaded and shared as is.
Research News Story (1-2 Weeks) $600
Create News stories from your research that connects the conceptual and the practical and makes your work understandable to the target audience.
  • 300-500 words with an image from the published paper.
    (Summarizes the background, methodology, and findings of the research.)
  • Catchy titles, easy messaging, author perspectives.
  • Format tailor-made to make science understandable.
Infographics (1-2 Weeks) $750
High-quality visual summaries that say a lot with less!
  • Communicate your work to the target audience in a visually appealing format that can be well understood.
  • Research context and core findings at a glance.
  • Simplifies complex concepts for the non-academic audience.
  • Visual distillation for easy recall.
  • Journal/university branding.
  • Ideal for sharing on social media making it easy to drive visibility.
Video Summary (3-4 Weeks) $1,500
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the worth of a video!
  • Communicate your research to the target audience in a concise video format that increases the reach and visibility.
  • 2-min animated videos in an engaging format.
  • Support kit = slide deck + video script + audio file.
  • Ideal for sharing on social media making it easy to drive visibility.
Research Promotion Pack (4 Weeks) $2,400
This best-value pack offers a variety of engaging content that is easy to share on social media, at conferences, or as part of grant applications.
Pack includes
Plain Language Summary + Research News Story + Infographics + Video Summary


Infographics Sample 1
Infographics Sample 2
Plain Language Summary
Research News Stories
Video Summary Sample 1
Video Summary Sample 2

Why to promote your research?

  • To get your work reach a wider audience through media: A research article with press releases receives more citations than others as well as media coverage and the right coverage.
  • To communicate your research to experts and peers in your field: About 50% of the total published manuscripts are never read, and about 90% of them are never cited! More the outreach, more is the citations.
  • To attract the right people to fund your work: A summarized yet comprehensible presentation format of your research will help promote your work to the right funders and investors.

How it works?

editage promise
We are committed to delivering a high-quality deliverable and will re-work on it free of cost if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the service.
We know how important your time is, and therefore, promise to stick to the deadline set at the time of assignment confirmation.
We adhere to a privacy policy that guarantees 100% confidentiality and allows researchers worldwide to submit their work to us with complete confidence. We understand the importance of data security. That is why we have taken all measures necessary to ensure all your information is secure. All our IT security management systems are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 –certified.

Frequently asked questions

Our team of scientific writers will communicate your research findings accurately using language that is easy-to-understand by non-experts. A senior reviewer will check the summary for quality assurance.

Our team of scientific writers will create an engaging news story highlighting your research findings using simplified language that can be understood by a wide audience. A senior reviewer will check the content for quality assurance.

Our team of content writers, illustrators, and designers will work with you to render your article in a visually appealing format. We create high-quality graphics and use simplified text to convey the core findings and implications of your research such that even non-experts can understand your work.

Our production team comprises scientific experts, scriptwriters, voiceover artistes, illustrators, and animators with experience in research promotion. They will work in consultation with you to help you tell your research story to the world in an engaging way.

Most definitely! Editage will help you increase the reach of your research by uploading Infographics/Video Summaries on social media platforms. We also encourage you to reach out to your network of peers, colleagues, and funders and the broader community and share links to your video hosted on journal, institutional, or personal pages.

We will be happy to make minor adjustments to the Plain-language Summary, Research News Story, and Infographics assignments free of charge. Please submit your questions using the "Submit Questions" feature in your Editage Online™ account. You will find it under the "Jobs & Questions" tab. Once we receive your questions, we will provide you a suitable deadline for the response.

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